Breckbill Bible College seeks to train leaders in the areas of Pastoral Ministries, Christian Education, Youth Ministries, Family and Women’s Ministries and Missions. The rise of liberal theology taught from the standpoint of evolution, underscores the need of a truly biblical education. The objective of the College is to train young people to understand biblical Christianity and to equip them doctrinally and theologically to meet the demands of this generation.

Because we are a Bible College all of our students take a core curriculum of Bible, Hermeneutics, Theology, Personal Evangelism, Introduction to Missions, and Church History. Additional Electives of Oil Painting, Private Voice and Music Lessons and Chorus Class are available. 

Pastoral Ministries

This major is designed to give men a solid biblical foundation of Systematic Theology, Bible, Hermeneutics, Greek, Pastoral Theology, Homiletics, Church History and Electives. Our graduates are serving in Bible-believing churches throughout the USA and the mission field.

Christian Education

Our philosophy of education is different than the humanistic educational philosophy of the world. We seek to train teachers for the future who base their philosophy of education on the Word of God. Christian Education majors take classes in the Christian Philosophy of Education, Bible, Child Growth and Development, and various Methods of Teaching specific subjects. Our students also spend time in local Christian schools observing, serving and practicing. Our College is recognized by the Association of Christian Schools International and our graduates serve in Christian Schools throughout the USA and Canada.

Family and Women's Ministries

This major is designed to prepare girls to be Godly Women, with an emphasis on homemaking and servanthood. Students take one year of the Art and Science of Cooking and one Year of the Art and Science of Baking as well as classes in Child Growth and Development, Sewing Construction, Bible, Principles of Homeschooling, Methods of Teaching Sunday School, Personal Evangelism, Introduction to Missions and Electives.


All Students at Breckbill take a core curriculum of Bible. However some students may wish to major solely in Bible. These students take New and Old Testament Survey, Theology, and other Bible Courses and Electives.

Youth Ministries

Our Youth Ministries Major focuses on preparing Youth Pastors to serve in the church. The major requires many of the same courses of Theology, Pastoral Theology, Bible, Greek and Hermeneutics required by the Pastoral Ministries major but includes additional courses on Methods of Teaching Youth, Child Growth and Development, Christian Camping and Methods of Teaching Sunday School.


At Breckbill we believe that all Christians are meant to be Witnesses for the Lord but not all are called to be full-time missionaries. Our Missions program is designed to train full-time missionaries for the field. Our Missions majors take courses including Theology, Greek, Bible Hermeneutics, the History of Missions, Health on the Mission Field, Personal Evangelism, Methods of Teaching Sunday School, Introduction to Cults and Electives. Graduates of BBC serve the Lord in countries all over the world.